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NORVIK is a private investment company with a long success story of direct investment and main focus on timber industry, building material retail and wholesale, real estate and logistics. The journey began in 1962 with the foundation of BYKO, an Icelandic timber- and building material retailer which opened its first store in humble quarters in Kópavogur, Iceland.

Through innovation, resourcefulness and a
clear vision, BYKO was developed into a marketleading building material retailer in Iceland, servicing both the professional field of building contractors as well as the general public as a DIY provider. Along the development of BYKO domestically, investments were made in related or complementary projects in Latvia, Estonia, Russia and the UK.

In the year 2000, NORVIK was founded as a holding company to better support a diversified portfolio of businesses. New projects and investments in the timber industry, retail and real estate were all part of the fast growing portfolio of NORVIKIn 2018, all of NORVIK's timber industry assets in Latvia, Estonia and the UK were aquired by Bergs Timber AB, a publicly-traded company in Sweden, in which NORVIK is the majority shareholder.


We will continue to focus our investment efforts in supporting the company's existing portfolio of assets, while at the same time we look out for exciting new projects that lead us into a new era and the changing world of business.

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